A tour designed for cruise passengers or for the tourist who wants to know the best of the historical center of Naples in a few hours

More and more cruisers and tourists "hit and run" ask us a guided tour of the historic center of Naples which encompasses everything in a few hours.

It 's true that the center of a city like Naples would require weeks to be fully known but at least the first time you are in Naples is best to "settle" for a general tour of the city so as to have a reason to come back!

The tour begins at the call of the cruise ships Costa, MSC, Royal Caribbean and other companies (meaning it is possible to arrange pick-up directly to the Maritime Station of Naples).

  •      First stop Piazza Plebiscito (located in front of Town Hall square, where the cruise ships dock);
  •      Explanation of the Royal Palace, the Church of St. Francis of Paola,
  •      Via Toledo
  •      Square Charity
  •      Explanation Piazza del Gesù Church of Gesù Nuovo, Visit the Basilica of Santa Chiara
  •      Piazza San Domenico Visit the Basilica of San Domenico
  •      Piazzetta Nilo
  •      Via San Gregorio Armeno,
  •      The tour ends with a visit to the cathedral.

To note that the path can be modified / integrated according to the needs of time and interest.
  In addition, the entry in the Churches is subject to the opening hours and holding of religious services of the same.